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In Defense of Poetic Plagiarism lithub, 2021
Unreal Worlds (?): on Romanian poetry modern poetry in translation, 2021
A thing to be loved: on Minnis, de Vries, Regel the poetry review, 2018
Optimism: on John Ashbery pn review, 2018
Mania of Aggregation: on Ed Atkins poetry london, 2017
Disappearing the Ferrari: on Amling, McClure, Leon the poetry review, 2015
Zona Nouă: Report on Some Young European Poets the quietus, 2015
Selfish: on Kim Kardashian the daily telegraph, 2015
The Morals of a Meat Slicer: on Leon, Seidel, Minnis the quietus, 2015
Oversized Blazer: on Audun Mortensen the quietus, 2015
'Unlike': Forms of Refusal in Poetry on the Internet pool journal, 2011